The coffees are in the specialty segment, meaning that they come from specific farms or a specific group of farmers. They are from the high end of the market, where small coffee lots are chosen only because of outstanding taste. In this market the farmers are paid much better than any certification program can guarantee.

The coffees are roasted on a Probatone 12, a modern machine from 2014. Some very exclusive coffees are roasted on a Stronghold S7 Pro machine.

Audun Sørbotten has his background from the Norwegian coffee scene. From 2006-2013 he worked for Solberg&Hansen, Oslo. He then moved to Poland and formed Audun Coffee in December 2014. He has been doing very well in all coffee roasting competitions, and in 2015 he won the Norwegian coffee roasting championship and then two weeks later became World Coffee Roasting Champion 2015 in Gothenburg.

Co-worker Mateusz Karczewski has a varied background within coffee. He received full roaster training at Audun Coffee, and has been doing really well in competitions. In 2019 he won the the Polish Roasting Competition and the 3rd place in the World Coffee Roasting Competition in Taipei, Taiwan.